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I help remove barriers to Learn & Engage.  

Imagine what Life could be like…..

As I mentioned in my post Alternative Treatments…, Crystal Apothecary is a holistic, non-evasive and effective alternative to traditional medicine.

Imagine not taking your ADHD medication and function like everyone else.

If you have Dyspraxia, imagine a life where the constant planning and organising your actions becomes non existent.

Long term therapy is now be significantly reduced.

Children with Sensory Processing Difficulties struggle with a variety of things.  This no longer becomes an issue for both sensory seekers and  sensory avoiders.

These children are just like you and me. With the right apothecary crystal combination, they will focus better. They become aware of themselves in space. Their motor skills including speech improves exponentially.  They become calmer.  They will be happier.

Outings will be enjoyable. For some families, outings will possible. They will go on to achieve their true potential.

The treatment solution is a combination of quartz crystals and colour therapy. There are no pills to take.  The images shown below, are for illustrative purposes only. The client wears this for a minimum of 16hrs/day for 3 months, depending on the severity of their conditions. Some, in particular those with emotional dis-regulation respond very quickly. Results are observed in as little as a week!

The process
You schedule a convenient appointment with me. I will call you for a consultation.  I will email you  the proposed solution.
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Crystal Element Combinations (For Illustration)

Treatment Crystal Combinations

Elements in this combination treats  ADHD, Dyspraxia and regulates spontaneous  emotional outbursts  such as pathological demand avoidance. Improves social interaction and play.  Offered as a Semi-choker necklace.

The 2 in 1

Elements in this combination contains the user’s signature pacifying colors and the treatment crystals.

Pacifying color is the dominant color within a person’s auric field. Some people have more than one type of pacifying color. Pacifying color soothes the user.

It eliminates anxiety in those with Sensory Processing Difficulties or any compulsive disorder.

It aids good sleep and so useful for insomniacs.

It also soothes infants with teething discomfort.

A user’s pacifying colors makes them feel good and happy.

Offered as semi-choker necklace.

The 3 in 1

Elements in this combination contains the user’s treatment crystals, unique pacifying and stabilizing colors.

stabilizing elements repairs misaligned color within a person’s auric field. It helps the user to regulate spontaneous emotional outbursts. It treats momentary or chronic out of control negative emotions.

Offered as a semi-choker necklace.

Alternative treatment and solution for crystals ADHD

Stabilizers and Pacifiers

Pacifiers and Stabilizers are also offered as bracelet only pieces.